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Garden Hand Weeder

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About the product:

1. Gardening equipment: Suitable for a variety of tasks, such as excavation, weeding, soil loosening, aeration, transplanting, etc. Suitable for thick grass and large weeds, remove them with roots.

2. Comfortable Wooden Handle: The ergonomic soft wooden handle can reduce the pressure on the wrist and hand. Reduce hand pain and fatigue during digging, weeding and planting. It is more labor-saving, and it is more comfortable to hold and use for a long time. Practical handle holes for easy storage.

3. High-quality Material: Heavy-duty stainless steel with polishing technology to maintain corrosion resistance and toughness. They are shiny, rust-resistant, very strong and easy to clean. Full-size adult gardening tools use high-grade stainless steel, which effectively resists harsh surface conditions and can withstand the hardest roots, rocks and soil. The tool set is sturdy and durable, with high hardness, so there is no need to worry about rust and breakage.