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Lawn Blanket Grass Seed Mat Fertilizer

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"All-in-one" grass seed fabric fertilizer and mulch are covered in an easy-to-use "push out" planting system. "Perfect seeding" with 120% of the recommended seeding amount.

Simply scroll, pour water and watch it grow:

Each roll contains fertilizer and is covered to create an all-in-one grass growth solution.

Even under dense shadows or scorching sun, in extreme cases, our repair roll growth system can remain green.

Grass seed pad:

After launching and watering, our dedicated grass roll will stick to the ground.

Then, each seed is surrounded by fertilizer and fixed between two layers of biofabric, namely our pellet fertilizer and biodegradable fabric.

Pellet fertilizer can germinate quickly and grow evenly.

The biodegradable fabric prevents the seeds from being washed away, making it cheaper, easier and lighter than traditional turf.

Patch volume:

Our products are ultra-lightweight and easy to spread, rejuvenating weak turf areas.

Our seed rolls are spread and thickened as much as possible to form a long-lasting lawn.

Perfect protection against sunlight, shadows and slopes:

Designed for full daylight and dense shadows, it has a delicate leaf texture and has medium to high drought resistance.


Grass seed pad: 3M×0.2M