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360 Dog Shower Ring

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Wash Your Dog Instantly With Our New 360 Dog Shower Ring

This foldable cleaning hose for all types of dog breeds will get rid of every single piece of dirt that is stuck to your canine in less than a minute! All you need to do is attach it to any garden hose and it will shoot out of a ton of different holes too hit hard to reach areas.

High Quality Materials

Our Dog Shower Ring made of high-quality PP plastic and silicone materials. Nontoxic and skin-friendly material that allows you to safely and easily washing and rinsing your dogs.

Fits Both Large & Small Dogs

Simply attach to the hose and add soap, it will mix with water instantly to wash your pup. It is with 360 degrees cleaning system, which fits all large and small dogs to give baths from head to toe.

Easy To Adjust & Control The Water Pressure

The Dog Shower Ring comes with a pressure control valve on the top of the handle, you can adjust the water pressure to your dog’s liking. It is the best grooming and washing tool for your furry friends.

Why use the 360 Dog Shower Ring?

✔️Cleans all the hard to reach places

✔️Gentle & Fast Washing on your pup

✔️Fun and Easy to use!

✔️Built in Shampoo Dispenser