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Defrost Tray

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Size: 9x6.5in

No need to wonder how to defrost your food in minutes any longer!

Defrosting Tray lets you thaw your frozen meat, or food quickly and naturally.

No need for a microwave either electricity or batteries.

  • High-Density Aluminum Defrosting Tray: Defrost tray made of high-density thermal conductive material (Aluminum + Silica gel), it can fast thawing most frozen food, such as chicken breasts, steak, pork chops, sausages, vegetables, and other foods.
  • Eco-friendly and Safe: The aluminum tray can offer you a safer food environment ,non-toxic and harmless, make you immerse in delicious food.
  • Easy to Use: The tray is easy to operate, just make sure your meat is as flat as possible on the thawing tray.
  • Humanized Design: Groove design allow liquid to be drained away. Without the use of electricity, water, microwave, or batteries while it preserves all the original flavor and nutrition. Easy to clean after enjoying tasty foods.
  • Rapid Defrosting Tray: You don't have to wait too long for defrosting frozen food.
  • Size & Color: 23x16.5x0.2CM - Black