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Enjoy a Campfire🔥 In Your Living Room

The Flickr Mini Fire Pit is a masterpiece of form an function. It’s simple to use because it burns inexpensive and readily available rubbing alcohol, but it’s not simplistic. Its unique design allows you to enjoy a campfire indoors.

That’s right. Indoors. In a well-ventilated space, feel free to use the Flickr Mini Fire Pit as an accent/ambience piece anywhere in and around your home—with no soot on the ceiling or carbon monoxide. And it’s safe to cook over (s’mores, anyone?).

A Safe, Portable Way To Incorporate Ambiance And a Functioning Fire In The Home

Simply put, humans love fire—hell, most folks have a carved out hole in their family room called a “fireplace” that’s dedicated to our enjoyment of fire. For the folks that want to take it one step further, Flickr Mini Fire Pit has created the Tabletop Fireplace to let you enjoy the dancing flames of a well-contained fire anywhere in your home. 

For homemade s’mores in the kitchen, a little touch of class in the living room, or to serve as an elegant greeting on a coffee table, the Tabletop Fireplace is thoughtfully designed and offers a new way to enjoy a simple fire.

The Ideal Personal Fireplace

"Flickr Mini Fire Pit was born out of the desire for a simple, safe, indoor fireplace that could operate on clean-burning, inexpensive, and readily available fuel. This piece is inspired by the wabi-sabi aesthetic: simply doing what it is designed to do, accepting flaws, and bringing natural elements and textures inside the home. When we say "portable," we mean it: living room, porch, kitchen, dining room, bedroom, camping. Flickr Mini Fire Pit is your personal, portable fireplace."

- Matt Branson


Frequently Asked Questions

Can I place it on my table or does it need to sit on a heatproof surface?

The base it comes with is enough to dissipate/absorb/block any heat generated. Between the base and the felt there is sufficient protection for nearly any surface.

Can I add more alcohol while it's still burning?

Absolutely not! Nothing flammable should ever be added to a live flame. Ever. Like. Ever.

Does it get hot?

It does. Unlike the glass of some candles though, cement has poor thermal conductivity. This means if you do touch it, it will register as hot, you will pull your hand away, and you won't be scalded.

Can I really burn it inside?

Yes, You can burn it inside / Indoors .

Is it safe for children?

Only sober, responsible adults should set up, fill, and light Flickr Mini Fire Pit. Kids are often as safe as the parents monitoring them allow them to be. Just like we are taught to never run around a pool, horseplay around an open fire should never happen. Kids or adults! But really please, use good judgement. Flickr Mini Fire Pit. provides delightful ambience and under supervision, kids will have a thrill not only enjoying that but even roasting marshmallows over it.

Is it safe to cook over it?

Absolutely! The only off-gassing of isopropyl rubbing alcohol when burned is water vapor and carbon dioxide! So it is totally safe and tastes so great! Just like over a campfire!

Can it tip over and spill?

We have designed Flickr Mini Fire Pit to be extremely stable. That said, any liquid can slosh. For this reason we insist that it only be placed on a very stable surface. Also anyone near the unit should understand this potential.

How do I turn it off?

Do not attempt to blow it out, just snuff it! We recommend using a stone drink coaster; set it on top of the unit for a few seconds and the flame will be deprived of oxygen.

How long can I continuously burn it?

We recommend that after two refills (approximately 1.5 - 2 hours) you let the unit cool for roughly 20 minutes. The cement can withstand extremely high temperatures, so no problem there. It does though get hot to the touch and this is good to mitigate by letting it cool. Also, the heat held by the cement will be passed to the alcohol, making it burn more quickly and hotter. This is also mitigated with a cool-down period.


Dimensions: 5” W 4.5” H

Materials: Proprietary Non-Absorbent High-Temperature Concrete, 

Quartz-Like Base

Capacity: 5 oz Isopropyl Alcohol (70% or 91%)

Run-time: 45 - 60 Minutes


1. Isopropyl alcohol has a full-combustion when burned. Soot is only created when there is a lack of oxygen. If you have an air-exchanger in your home or in any way a "tight" home, assure a window is open as you enjoy Flickr Mini Fire Pit.

2. Especially if buying fuel outside the United States, double-check that the word "isopropyl" is on the bottle. "Rubbing alcohol" can be different from "isopropyl rubbing alcohol" in that it can contain camphor oil, which can leave undesirable soot.

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