VIP - Labelle V2 | Ultrasonic Lifting & Exfoliating Wand
VIP - Labelle V2 | Ultrasonic Lifting & Exfoliating Wand
VIP - Labelle V2 | Ultrasonic Lifting & Exfoliating Wand
VIP - Labelle V2 | Ultrasonic Lifting & Exfoliating Wand
VIP - Labelle V2 | Ultrasonic Lifting & Exfoliating Wand
VIP - Labelle V2 | Ultrasonic Lifting & Exfoliating Wand

VIP - Labelle V2 | Ultrasonic Lifting & Exfoliating Wand

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Welcome to the future of skincare.

Getting rid of lines and clogged pores is on everyone's checklist.

So, let's start by instantly lifting and firming skin with LabelleV2 Ultrasonic Exfoliating Wand, the ultrasonic wand that uses a combination of high-frequency, ultrasonic oscillation technology and electrical muscle stimulation (EMS) to penetrate the skin by 3-5mm.

LabelleV2 Ultrasonic Exfoliating Wand features three modes—each specialized for any need: Lifting, Moisturizing and Cleansing.

The ultrasonic vibrations from the Cleansing setting work to dislodge blackheads and other impurities from pores, helping fight off rogue breakouts and inflammation.

Then, there's Moisturize mode, designed to make the most of skincare products. Once changed to this setting, the same ultrasonic oscillation that helps clear away impurities combines with an anion flow to help skin attract and absorb product.

Meaning moisturizers and serums are absorbed more deeply and are more effective overall.

But, by far, LabelleV2 Ultrasonic Exfoliating Wand most potent feature is the EMS micro-current generated by Lift mode that gently stimulates facial muscles, tightening skin, lifting facial contours and reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.


  • Lifts and tightens skin
  • Removes blackheads and dead skin cells
  • Anions deeply penetrate 3-5mm into the skin for superior nutrient absorption
  • EMS micro-current awakens skin, clearing pores, lifting facial contours and helps to reduce lines
  • Perfect for sensitive skin
  • 3 million vibrations per second
  • Wireless charging

How To Use:


Before using LabelleV2 Ultrasonic Exfoliating Wand, wash your face, making sure to remove makeup and surface-layer debris. then, apply your favorite moisturizer, serum or water.


To turn LabelleV2 Ultrasonic Exfoliating Wand on, press and hold the Power Button. Then, continue to press the button until you've selected the mode you would like to use.


To exfoliate, gently press the back of the wand head against your moisturized (or damp) skin at a 30-degree angle and begin slowly moving the wand forward. You'll notice the ultrasonic waves and wand head loosening blackheads and clearing away dead skin and dirt.


To use moisturize mode, select the mode, then, press the front of the wand head to your skin at a 30-degree angle, slowly moving the wand backward. Make sure to hold both side panels when using this mode—it completes the EMS circuit and allows the micro-current to better penetrate your skin, stimulating your cells and enhancing the absorption of your skincare product.


To firm and tighten your skin, grip the wand facing downwards and press the front of the wand head to your skin at a 30-degree angle, slowly moving the wand upwards. Like Moisturize Mode, make sure to hold both side panels to complete the EMS circuit, allowing the micro-current to penetrate your skin, stimulating your cells and, with the gentle pulse of ultrasonic vibrations


Be sure your face is wet, or damp when using each mode.


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