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Rinse And Wash With Ease

Our Portable Washing Machine takes the hassle and strain out of everyday household chores! Our Washing Machine adopts an integrated mini style wash.

Small and Compact Design

It fits comfortably on countertops or tables that require less space. It can easily fit in sinks and buckets. 

Stain Removing Emulsification

This powerful dishwasher has 4 stages: cleaning, high-frequency, vibration, and cavitation

How Does it Work?

The sonic sterilization produces micro scale pressure bubbles to generate mechanical waves, causing stubborn dirt to disappear.

Oxidation Bubble

High-pressure water creates thousands of bubbles to burst into water, which can easily clean dishes or clothes.

 Water & Energy Saving

The Portable Washing Machine doesn't only save a third o the water, they also converse energy.

 Versatile Cleaning

Our Washing machine effectively cleans pesticides and bacteria on all fruits and vegetables

Have Questions? Look Here!

Is it easy to use? Is it convenient?

It is very simple and convenient to use, just connect it directly to the side of the barrel, and the operation is simple and small.

Can you use this portable washing machine in a kitchen sink?

Yes, You can use this portable washing machine in kitchen sink.

Does it work for dishes?

I have used it for my dishes it works on small loads like cups and saucers primarily but I haven't tested it on larger dishes yet.

Can this be used in a tub?

Sorry to say but the one I received didn’t work very well. I bought it to wash my face masks and it didn’t really perform as directed. I had to wash my masks by hand

Does it wring out the water?

No it doesn’t.