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Rechargeable Face Rejuvenating Massager

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The Rechargeable Face Rejuvenating Massager is a professional-grade massager that uses microcurrents to help improve the appearance of your skin. With its special design scraping board, it can fit snugly against your skin to help lift and tighten problem areas. Whether you have dry or oily skin, this massager can help you achieve a radiant and youthful complexion.

To use, simply apply your favorite facial cream or serum and then massage into your skin using the massager. The microcurrents will help to improve the absorption of the product while also providing a lifting and firming effect. Use this massager daily for best results. 

Microcurrent with special design scraping board can be a very good fit the skin, help you massage the face or body to achieve the effect of lifting tight. As long as people used to say very well regardless of the size of the skin can not fully take care of the face, pulling the skin, smooth machine radian design is very good, with the massage cream essence is the use of a goods relaxation process.

Promote collagen regeneration, promote lymph node DU and other effects.

1 .  360-degree Massage Head 

2 . ON/OFF/Mode Switch 

3 . LED Indicator Light 

4 . Charge Interface


Material: metal and plastic

Size: 99x88x22mm

Weight: about 250g