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SnowOff Ice Scraper

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Are you tired of using long handle ice scrapers or your credit card to clear frost off your car windows?               

Quickly and easily get the morning frost off your car windows with our SnowOff Ice Scraper without getting any scratches on your windows. Perfect for you if you’re living in a region that gets snowy and icy during winter.

  • It is easy to hold on to with its comfortable grip and is easy on the wrist;

  • Easier and faster to use with its double scraping action when your windshield gets super icy with a pesky thin layer of ice in the early morning;

  • It is made of high-quality plastic that scrapes through the ice like butter without leaving a scratch on your windows – No pounding necessary;

  • It’ll save you time on heating your car to melt the ice and make it easier to clean snow & ice off your car window in a jiffy, with almost no effort!

Its cone-like shape helps it conform to your window and clear frost and ice with ease.

Get our SnowOff Ice Scraper in time for winter and experience a great way to remove ice from your vehicle window.

Or even better, make a family or friend thankful by gifting them this magic ice scraper.